Sell your time not your software?

I want to begin by saying that this is not a sales pitch this is only an idea that I came across that I thought was both neat and noble. I was referred to an interesting blog post by a developer name Lunduke who is trying an experiment. The experiment is whether or not he can make money by selling his time rather then his software. If he can raise the $4000 monthly in support he is going to be open-sourcing all of his software collection. His software collection consists of a few games and development tools. The development tools are what I’m interested in. His tools are centered around the principal of write once, run anywhere. Imagine being able to write your software in one language and then have it portable to a wide variety of platforms. This is what really excites me and what will convince me to make a small donation. If he succeeds then all software developers will benefit from this new technology if not then he will return my donation and I will attempt to join his project sot that this idea will really become a powerful tool for people to unleash their creativity and possibly make the next great piece of software.

Lunduke’s Blog Post:


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